Ascension Aconcagua Argentine

Ascension of Mount Aconcagua Argentina

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Because of the reality of the travel market in Québec and to be sure that we are able to offered a product of quality and more departure

Since our partnership with Terra Ultima, we decided to transferred some trip from one to the other.

The departure for Aconcagua will now be guided by:


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Argentina is one of the most developed countries of South America. It is known for its production of wine, fruits and its red meat; we will take the time to enjoy it all! The journey will begin at Mendoza. This city will surprise you by its modernity comparable to most European cities. On arrival, we will spend a few days to prepare and find everything that we need for the next few weeks. Upon our return to Mendoza, we will celebrate the end of our journey around a good glass of wine.

The weather on the mountain can be extreme and temperatures as low as-30 ° C. Winds of 240 km have already been reported. However, Mendoza it is about 25 ° C, so we must be ready for any weather event. Our equipment anticipates this reality. Do not be surprised if you leave in Bermuda shorts with a pair of double plastic boots.

To reach our base camp, we need to walk about 40 km in three days accompanied by our carriers.  Later, we will have to work together in order to establish our altitude camps to succeed in reaching the summit.