Ascent of Ishinca, Urus and Vallunaraju

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A Peruvian Trio

Several factors come into account when trying to reach a summit!

Since we cannot control all of these factors and we sometimes have to turn around before reaching the summit we have decided to maximize the chances for the group the reach a summit. We will attempt three summits in one trip giving three times the chances of success. On top of that we are hoping to offer a series of summits that are accessible to climbers with little or no mountaineering experience.

We have also decided not to push you too hard to allow your body the necessary time to adapt to the alpine environment and the altitude. This way you will be able enjoy your experience at the maximum. You will notice that the daily distances travelled are relatively short. This will leave us plenty of time for resting and taking in the views. On the summit days we will be pushing you a little harder, because after all this is an adventure trip.

To help us transport our equipment to the basecamp we will be using the local muleteer services. As an expedition you will still need to carry some of the equipment; after all it is your experience. We believe it is by actively taking part in the expedition that you will live the full mountaineering experience and fell part of the climbing community.

Preparing meals and organizing food is something that requires lots of time in the mountains. Since everything has to be ready at the right time we will hire a professional Peruvian cook and porter. The cook and porter has received formal training.

From the time you sign up for the trip we will be there to help to make sure are going to be ready for the big day.

Location : Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Duration: 15 days
Cost : 3125 $
Guide/clients ratio : 4 clients / 1 guide (maximum of 8 participants)
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Accomodation :

  • 6 nights in hotel
  • 9 nights in camping


  • Return transport by bus between Lima and Huaraz
  • Private return transport to the two base camps
  • Porter for the group (individual porter is extra)
  • Cook for the time spent in the mountains
  • The meals while in the mountains
  • Hotel accommodation (6 nights)
  • Camping and access to the national park
  • Group camping equipment
  • Group climbing equipment
  • Certified guide from Quebec
  • We will lend you a 100L travel bag
  • Taxes applicable

  • Day 1 : Flight Montreal/Lima
  • Day 2 : Bus to Huaraz
  • Day 3 : Acclimatization in Huaraz 3100m
  • Day 4 : Reach base camp 4200m
  • Day 5: Rest at base camp (rock climbing)
  • Day 6: Departure for Urus Este 5420m
  • Day 7: Rest at base camp and rock climbing
  • Day 8 : Departure for Ishinca 5530m
  • Day 9 : Return trek to Huaraz
  • Day 10: Rest day in Huaraz
  • Day 11: Acces to Vallunaraju cabin and  moraine camp 4900m
  • Day 12: Ascent of summit 5686m
  • Day 13: Extra day in case of bad weather (to be used any time during the trip)
  • Day 14: Day in Huaraz and departure for Lima
  • Day 15 : Return flight to Montreal


Ascension de 'Urus au Pérou

Route description


Ascension de l'Inshinca avec Attitude Montagne

Route description


Ascension du Vallunaraju

Route description

Not included:

  • Transport from your home to Lima
  • Restaurant meals (town or hotel)
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal camping equipment (backpack, sleeping bag etc.)
  • Personal climbing equipment
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips for guide, porter and cook
  • Clothing Mountaineering boots
  • Other extra expenses


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