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In Quebec, the tourism industry is committed to provide a quality experience and enhance customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, organizations providing tourism services in natural areas also want the best possible service.  As an active participant in Quebec’s tourism industry, Attitude Montagne Climbing Centre adheres to the «Code of Good Conduct» of this industry, also to the one of Ecotourism Adventure Quebec and of Quebec Mountain Climbing Federation.  Attitude Montagne’s mission is to support its clients’ experiences in intimate discoveries with nature accompanied by passionate and professional guides of the climbing industry. Attitude Montagne’s team have a quality policy:

  • Know our clients and visitors as much as possible to adapt and provide a personnal and quality service corresponding with their expectations.
  • Respect and enforce the laws, regulations and standards of the services in the nature-based tourism of adventure area and any other applicable areas of our activity.
  • Transmit clear, accurate, complete and truthful information to our customers and visitors, and to our staff.
  • Aim high levels of human quality including empathy, courtesy, honesty, diligence, in order to deserve the respect of our clients at all times.
  • Ensure the safety of our customers at all time.
  • Maintain appropriate equipment in sufficiency and in perfect condition to meet safety standards.
  • Encourage the conservation of natural resources and develop responsible practices regarding the environment.
  • Respect and protect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of our customers and visitors.
  • Encourage the training of our staff and the development of their expertise and professionalism
  • Respond with alertness to complaints from our customers and treat them to their satisfaction.
  • Meet our contractual obligations at any time.
  • Implement strict quality control procedures in order to ensure consistency in the delivery of services.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality system.
  • Make sure that the quality policy is understood, well implemented and applied by all levels of the organization.


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