Sécurité avalanche

18 Feb 2017 - Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard

First Contact with Ice Climbing, Mutli-Pitch!

When we think of climbing, we imagine ourselves like in the movies spending a full day way up on the mountain side! Then, why just satisfy yourself with top-roping?  Attitude Montagne is currently the only climbing centre in Quebec that has the certified and qualified guides to offer this experience. Here’s what we propose: we leave for several hours on a natural ice wall to enjoy the experience at the maximum. An experience that could take years for a climber to achieve!.

Difficulty level: beginner (with good physical condition)
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: to like to play outside!
Cost : 180$ + tx
*Groups from 2 to 3 climbers max

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Climbing Center

1510 chemin de l’Avalanche
Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Québec
J0T 2B0

Telephone : 819-714-0101

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