Sécurité avalanche

18 Feb 2017 - Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard

Indroduction to backcountry skiing

You love skiing or snowboarding and you are ready for new challenges… You dream about skiing in the backcountry? It is now the time to learn about climbing up with skins and go down at some places that you thought inaccessible!

  • PPE selection
  • Use of equipment
  • Progression and ascent technique
  • Moving on the field

Prerequisite: Know how to ski or snowboard at an intermediate or an advanced level
Difficulty level: During the training the terrain will be mostlyeasy
Duration: 1 day
Cost: 105$ + tx
Not included: skis for backcountry or sliptboard equipment

Limitation : Before going to the backcountry it is more then recommended to all participant to take an Avalanche Skills Training (AST1) to understand the avalanche terrain before going there. After this course, the participant should not go on terrain with glacier. This course is an introduction to the backcountry skiing and the use of equipment and not a course about how to ski.