Sécurité avalanche

Du 18 Feb 2017 au 19 Feb 2017 - Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard

Alpine Touring ski Level 1

This course is for participants who already do backcountry skiing or sliptboard and want to push the terrain where alpine techniques will be needed. We will cover the basics ice axe and crampon techniques, and their use in various contexts including self-arrest and belaying. You will also learn how to tie into the rope and how to progress as a rope team. Finally, we will tough on the basics of snow anchors and belay stances.

  • PPE selection
  • Knots (eight, prussik, double fisherman, clove hitch, Munter, butterfly)
  • Walking with ice axe and crampons on different terrain types
  • Ability to stop yourself from sliding (self-arrest)
  • Knowledge of basic principles for simul-climbing
  • Securing yourself and belaying without a belay device
  • Simple ice and snow anchor placements

Prerequisite: Doing backcountry skiing
Difficulty level: Beginner
Duration: 2 days
Cost: 195$ + tx
Not included: skis for backcountry or sliptboard equipment

Limitation: Before going to the backcountry it is more then recommended to all participant to take an Avalanche Skills Training (AST1) to understand the avalanche terrain before going there. Following this course the participant should not go on terrain with crevasses requiring complex ropework or where there is avalanche danger, without the supervision of a guide or having followed a higher level course on the subject.