escalade en cascade de glace

Guided Ice climbing trip

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escalade en cascade de glace

You would like to climb a beautiful ice cascade…

Here are some examples of possible trips.  We are also able to guide other routes in Canada and in the rest of the world.

Calendar of climbing events

Beginner ice climber

  • La mer de glace Gr 3+

    4 pitches, Rivière Ste-Anne, Portneuf

  • Le petit Eiger Gr 3+

    2 pitches, Shawbridge, Laurentides

  • Odell’s gully Gr 3

    3-4 pitches, Mont Washington, New-Hamsphire

Intermediate Ice climber

  • Gringalet Gr 4

    3 pitches, Mont Pinacle, Estrie

  • Gros bras Gr 4

    2 pitches, Weir, Laurentides

  • Chapel Pond Slab Gr 3+

    -4 pitches, Adirondack, New-York

Advanced Ice climber

  • Positive Thinking Gr 5

    3 pitches, Adirondack, New-York

  • Last Gentleman Gr 5

    3 pitches, Lake Willoughby, Vermont

  • Les Diablerets & Devil’s Tooth Gr 4+/5

    2 pitches, Shawbridge, Laurentides

*Participants should expect to spend several hours on the wall and having to make an approach walk that can take more than an hour. “Do not hesitate to ask for more details on your itinerary at registration”

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