Sortie escalade avec guide

Guided rock climbing trips

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You would like to climb a superb route, a wall, a cliff that makes you dream? You want to live the sensation of a full day in the vertical world, but you don’t feel comfortable enough to go alone in this adventure? We offer you several possibilities:  whether you are alone or a small group, novice or experienced, we can work to meet your needs

You will be accompanied by a certified and experienced guide who will make you live unforgettable sensations while involving you in the process. Attitude Montagne climbing centre.  Attitude Montagne believes that the adventure is more intense when you partake actively.

Here are some examples of trips.  However, we are available to guide other routes in Canada and in the rest of the world.

Schedule of the trips:

Beginner rock climbing:

  • L’arabesque 5.6

    3 pitches, Val-David, Laurentides

  • Whitney Gilman Ridge 5.6

    6 pitches, Cannon cliff, New-Hamsphire

  • La ligne jaune 5.7

    3 pitches, Weir, Laurentides

Intermediate rock climbing:

  • Moby grape 5.8

    8 pitches, Cannon cliff, New-Hamsphire

  • Le Sceptre/The crown 5.8

    3 pitches, Val-David, Laurentides

  • Recombeast/Recompense 5.9

    4 pitches, Cathedral ledge, New-Hamsphire

Advanced Rock climber :

  • Bloody Mary 5.9+

    3 pitches, Adirondack, New-York

  • Black & White 5.11A

    3 pitches, Weir, Laurentides

  • Fastest Gun 5.10A

    4 pitches, Adirondack, New-York

*Participants should expect to spend several hours on the wall and having to make an approach walk that can take more than an hour. Do not hesitate to ask your itinerary details when registering.

These guided trips can be planned during one of our climbing courses or the mountain training programprogramme d’entrainement à la montagne