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escalade de glace laurentides avec guide

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It is so beautiful to see a gigantic frozen sculpture of water falling down from the sky! These ice formations are so powerful; they can break the rock while at the same time being so ephemeral! To climb them requires special skills and knowledge because we never know what the ice has in store. That is why we offer a multitude of training courses adapted to this activity.

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Introduction to Ice Climbing

Come and try our introduction to ice climbing in a very friendly atmosphere.  Discover the appropriate techniques to ease your way up. We will provide you with tips to help you deal with vertical winter conditions.

Difficulty level: beginner
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: to like to play outside!
Cost : 90$ + tx

First Contact with Ice Climbing, Mutli-Pitch!

When we think of climbing, we imagine ourselves like in the movies spending a full day way up on the mountain side! Then, why just satisfy yourself with top-roping?  Attitude Montagne is currently the only climbing centre in Quebec that has the certified and qualified guides to offer this experience. Here’s what we propose: we leave for several hours on a natural ice wall to enjoy the experience at the maximum. An experience that could take years for a climber to achieve!.

Difficulty level: beginner (with good physical condition)
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: to like to play outside!
Cost : 180$ + tx
*Groups from 2 to 3 climbers max
*Group package available for top-rope

Combined ice introduction and top-rope

You already rock climb and know how to install your top-rope? It is now the time to discover ice climbing. This course is perfect for you! Introduce yourself to ice climbing and learn all the new skills that you need to know to climb on top-rope.

Prerequisite : rock transition top-rope course
Difficulty level : beginners
Duration : 2  days
Cost : 195$ + tx

Ice transition top-rope

You did an introduction to ice climbing and you want to keep going, but you don’t rock climb? With this course you will learn how to install a top-rope, belay and enjoy ice climbing for all winter long!

Prerequisite : introduction to ice climbing
Difficulty level : beginners
Duration : 2  days
Cost : 195$ + tx
*Dates available upon request. Call us!

Lead Ice or Mixed Climbing

Do you dream of multi-pitch ice and mixed climbing  like you see in the magazines? Unfortunately, installing top-rope anchors is often impossible.  Then, why not start from the bottom?  Perhaps it is time to become a lead climber! You will learn how to prepare for and analyze the complexities found on a route as a lead climber.

Ice :
Prerequisit : comfortably climb a grade 4 in second
Difficlulty level : intermediate
Duration : 2 days
Cost : 195$ + tx

Mixed :
Prerequisit : Lead ice climbing course or equivalence
Difficulty level : advanced
Duration : 1 day
Cost : 95$ + tx

Self-Rescue (see rock section)

Other Courses:

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