Jean-Philippe Leblanc

Jean Philippe Leblanc en français

Top Rope Rock Climbing Instructor
Mountaineering Instructor


«’Don’t be impressed by his big blue eyes! Rather, let yourself be charmed by his personality! He is tall and his big curly hair adds a few extra centimeters. Geographer, alpinist and… baker, when you think about it Jean-Philippe is the perfect trilogy. As a geographer he will teach you about the landscape; as a seasoned alpinist he will guide you safely and as a baker he will be there with you and for you, ‘’bon comme du bon pain’’, as we say in French. Between an ascent in Nepal, a snowshoe trip on Mount Lafayette, the summit of Aconcagua twice in a month, a winter expedition to Baffin Island and a kayaking trip in Patagonia, Jean-Philippe has already made several impressive ascents, notably the Denali. Quite an exploit! »



  • Top Rope Rock Climbing Instructor, FQME
  • Canyoning Guide, Canyoning Québec
  • Wilderness First Aid , 40 heures, SIRIUS
  • Professional Artisan Bakery Qualification, Emploi Québec
  • Bachelor in Geography, UQAM