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Activities for corporate groups

version française: Activités corporatives


Attitude Montagne is proud to offer a range of team building activities for corporate groups.

Activities targeted for your group!

The sense of belonging and team spirit make all the difference in a business. The proposed activities under the theme of climbing and mountaineering allow employees to network and learn how to work together.

For a multi-day conference, a full day or a few hours we can certainly adapt our activities to your needs.

Objectives put forward through our activities

  • Communication
  • The leader-follower aspect
  • Initiative
  • Stress management
  • Realizing a common objective
  • Support
  • Group motivation
  • Strategy creation
  • Implementation of an action plan
  • Surpassing oneself

GPS Rally

Go explore the Laurentian forests with the help of a GPS receiver! Answer the questions and find the control points to progress on the course, all the while strengthening the team spirit and the leader-follower aspect in the group.

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Cost : $25.50 per person
    For groups of less than 15 participants the minimum cost is $382.50

Avalanche Search Scenario

Experiencing an avalanche victim search requires a lot of coordination and composure. In small groups, through this simulation you have to perform a rescue in a specific time. Will you be able to manage the stress caused by such a situation?

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Cost :  $25.50 per person
    For groups of less than 15 participants the minimum cost is $382.50


Determination and surpassing oneself will be put to the test when at the top of the cliff you realize that now is the time to descent!

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Cost : $395.00 per instructor
    A maximum of 20 participants per instructor is recommended

Mountain Snowshoeing Activities

See the Mountain Snowshoeing page for details.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Get outdoors to conquer the wall and enjoy an experience out of the ordinary! You will learn the basics of rock climbing with our certified and passionate team. Developing trust, motivation and surpassing oneself are on the program.

  • Duration : full day
  • Cost : $490.00 per instructor
    A maximum of 15 participants per instructor is recommended

Introduction to Ice Climbing

In a safe environment, this introduction to ice climbing will help you master the basics of ice climbing, communication between participants and climbing on an artificial tower with a height of 32 feet. Here is the opportunity to experience a winter experience like no other!

  • Duration : full day
  • Cost : $550.00 per instructor
    A maximum of 15 participants per instructor is recommended
The duration of a full day activity is around 6-8 hours. Half-day activities are available on weekdays only.


Activity Blocks

Pair two or three activities listed below for a total of three hours to focus on some more specific issues with your group!

  • Cost: $34.50 per person
    For groups of less than 15 participants the minimum cost is $517.50 for each 3 hour activity block

**It is possible to pair two 3 hour activity blocks or an activity block with an introduction to climbing, rappelling, GPS Rally or avalanche search. Prices available on request.**

Slackline – 1 hour

Test the balance of your body and spirit on the slackline! The encouragement from your peers will help you take a few steps, sit down and even try some more complex positions to stand up to the challenge given to your team.

Build a Quinzee – 2 hours

Analyze the terrain, your materials and your workforce and start building your quinzee. Planning and preparation are required to keep up!

Crevasse Rescue Scenario – 1 hour

Put all your focus together and coordinate your efforts to rescue the crevasse ‘’victim’’. Armed with ropes and slings a leader must be appointed and good planning will be needed to exert the needed force!

From Summit to Summit – 2 hours

Use equipment at your disposal, coordinate your group, develop a strategy and go conquer the summits! Do not forget to use methodology to meet the constraints.

Each One His Own Route – 1 hour

Coordinate your team efforts and analyze the best route that everyone must take to cross the obstacle! Warning … one route one person!

Base Camp Challenge – 1 hour

Set up a tent: easy! Set up a tent in a whiteout as fast as possible while having to listen to instructions from your team members is definitely a completely different challenge! Find out how communication within a group is vital.

Climb to the Summit – 2 hours

Solving a puzzle may seem easy … unless indications are found at height! Securely attached and secured by a peer, organize your group and begin the ascent.

Ice Breaker Activity – 1 hour


Evening Activities

  • Outdoor cooking workshop for foodies
  • Introduction to night time sky
  • Camp fire

Duration and prices available on request.



Special Events – Portable Climbing Wall

Planning a major event and want to offer an unusual activity? The portable climbing wall will certainly become the benchmark of your day! Installation is quick and can be done on any flat surface.
For more information see: Portable Climbing Wall Rental

Packages including accommodation, rental of rooms for meetings, meals and coffee breaks (snacks) are available in partnership with the hotel Le Chantecler. Contact us for more details!


Rates do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice. Ability to combine multiple activities or create custom packages – rates available on request. Half-day rates available weekdays only. Travel expenses will apply for certain activities. All activities take place rain or shine unless otherwise stated by us. Group transport not included. Access fees to certain climbing sites may apply.


ATTITUDE MONTAGNE allows practicing mountain sports in a safe environment suitable for each participant’s level. In addition, we have developed a site specifically for group introductory courses. At Attitude Montagne, the training of our instructors and guides is very important. Our activities are offered starting at the age of 5 years for rock climbing and 8 years for other activities such as ice climbing and mountaineering courses.