laurent Janssen moniteur montagne

Laurent Janssen

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Mountaineering and Ski Instructor
CAA Avalanche Operations level 1

«Laurent was surely born with a paddle in his hands, ski boots in his feet and a climbing harness around his waist. He is truly passionate about these three sports and always very enthusiastic about learning new ones. This young man has seen a lot of places including the Himalayan Mountains, the majestic rivers of the Quebec North Shore, steep rock walls of Western Canada and the ice climbs near home. On top of all that his Adventure Tourism training has taught him the three essentials of a good guide: communication, judgement and patience. He will be able to easily transfer his knowledge and passion in a safe learning environment by always following the rhythm the people accompanying him. Courious and open minded by nature, he is always looking for a new sport to love, to master a new technique and new horizons to conquer. His passion is very contagious, so be careful a day with him will turn you into a passionate about the outdoors»

Anne Desgagné-Wells


  • Adventure Guide CQRHT
  • Avalanche Operations Level 1, CAA
  • Wilderness First Responder,  SIRIUS
  • Leave No Trace instructor, Sans Trace Canada


Laurent has worked for a few years in the Western Canadian ski industry. This has allowed him to gain valuable experience in the activities of skiing and mountaineering as well as the avalanche field of work. He will be able to share his knowledge.