Mountain Training Program

Kinesiologue au centre escalade

Read it in French : Programme d’entrainement montagne

Since our goal is to offer the most complete services, but also to accompany you throughout your preparation on a technical level as well as a physical level, we have a customized training program in place with a mountain medical professional.  We also offer several formulas that will be adapted to your needs and specific activity.

Condense training programs are available:

Altitude Simulator

We also offer the possibility of pairing your training program with altitude simulator sessions in order to start your acclimation or increase your cardio-respiratory capacity.

 ALTITUDE SIMULATOR 1 hour 5* 1 hour 10* 1 hour
With training program

Private Training Basic Program :

This program is designed to prepare you for a mountain trip or to increase your performance level in climbing  and back country skiing. Private basic training will provide you with the possibility to target the good determinants to achieve your goals assisted by a certified coach.

The program offers you two (2) packages:

  • Physical evaluation + training program
    Cost: 80$
  • Physical evaluation + training program + email follow through of additional trainings
    Cost: 80$+20$/month

Physical evaluation includes:ne évaluation physique comprend :

  • Body fat evaluation
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular capacity test
  • Muscle capacity test
  • Flexibilty test
  • Limb circonference mesurment


  • Evaluation at Fusion gym in Piedmont
  • Complete medical form
  • Reservation is required

Other Courses:

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