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Mountaineering and Alpine Courses

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Just hearing the word mountaineering makes your heart shiver? Only seeing the view of a snow-covered summit makes you start dreaming? Attitude Montagne Climbing Centre committed to giving you the tools to satisfy these desires. Methods for tying into the rope, how to progress on glaciers, crevasse rescue, snow anchors or bivouac, we will cover everything you need in order to go play in the mountains!

Mountaineering school progress


We consider a mountaineer to be autonomous once the 5 courses in the Mountaineering School Program has been completed.


**You are doing backcountry skiing and want to push the terrain where some alpine techniques are required? We are now offering level 1 and level 3 of the mountaineering school program for skier (Alpine Touring ski level 1 and level 3, level 2 is the same course for both aspect)**
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Pre-guided trip training:

This course is adapted to participants going on a guided trip to a mountain with snowy terrain and fixed ropes but no technical glaciers.

  • PPE installation
  • Basic knots (eight, clove hitch, butterfly)
  • Walking with ice axe and crampons
  • Ability to stop yourself from sliding (self-arrest)
  • Climbing a fixed rope with ascender (jumaring)

Prerequisites: Having signed up for a mountaineering trip.
Difficulty level: Beginner
Duration: 1 day
Cost: $105 (plus tax)

Mountaineering  1 (HM-1):

We will cover the basics ice axe and crampon techniques, and their use in various contexts including self-arrest and belaying. You will also learn how to tie into the rope and how to progress as a rope team. Finally, we will tough on the basics of snow anchors and belay stances.

  • PPE selection
  • Knots (eight, prussik, double fisherman, clove hitch, Munter, butterfly)
  • Walking with ice axe and crampons on different terrain types
  • Ability to stop yourself from sliding (self-arrest)
  • Knowledge of basic principles for simul-climbing
  • Securing yourself and belaying without a belay device
  • Simple ice and snow anchor placements

Prerequisite: None
Difficulty level: Beginner
Duration: 2 days
Cost: $205 + tx

Limitation: Following this course the participant should not go on terrain with crevasses requiring complex ropework or where there is avalanche danger, without the supervision of a guide or having followed a higher level course on the subject.

Mountaineering 2 (HM-2):

It is time for you to master the use of the full panoply of anchors and belaying methods that we use in the mountains, as well as the various techniques for crevasse rescues?  You will learn how to master your route finding skills and how to go progress on various terrain types.

  • Rappelling
  • Anchor construction on ice and snow
  • Belaying a second with a belay device
  • Pitched climbing on easy terrain
  • The terrain, its components and advice on glacier travel
  • Crevasse rescue
    • Rope ascending
    • Pulley systems (3 :1, 5 :1, team haul)
    • Escaping the belay

Prerequisite: Mountaineering I
Difficulty level: Beginner
Duration: 2 day
Cost : $205 + tx

Limitation: This course is designed for progression on snow and alpine ice with crevasses where route finding is important and complex. The general angle is less than 50° and the rating of the route is between Little Difficult (PD) and Difficult (D).

Mountaineering 3 (supervised climbing trip):

You want to attack some bigger objectives, we will help you prepare! We will be working with you to combine the knowledge acquired in all the other courses you have taken with Attitude Montagne. We will put into practice and fine-tune the skills you have learned before to make sure you use the right technique at the right time and to make you as efficient as possible!

  • Practice skills from the 4 mountaineering school modules (HM-1, HM-2, AST 1, navigation)
  • Pre-trip planning practice (avalanche, weather, navigation, emergency plan, route finding)
  • Ascent of Mount Washington by one of the Huntington Ravine couloirs autonomously, supervised by an Attitude Montagne guide
  • Validation of the various mountain skills and techniques to obtain autonomy

Prerequisitecompletion of the full Mountain School Program or equivalent experience (validated by exam)
Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 3 days
Cost : $485 + tx

Limitation: The participant should reach an acceptable level of autonomy to undergo a mountaineering trip. Obviously, each participant is different and the level obtained during the course will be individual. Furthermore, mountaineering experience is gained over time and is necessary to understand the different mountain phenomena. Therefore it is the responsibility of each participant to judge their own skill level.

Avalanche skills training (AST):

see Avalanche Skills Training (AST) page for more details

Mountain  Navigation:

see mountain navigation and camping page for more details


Other Courses: