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Rock Climbing Courses

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Rock is the element that has always represent strength in nature and it has defended itself for millennia by building impassable walls! However, the rock is so noble and has so much to offer when we learn about it. Come and discover with us this great element that will make you discover a multitude of emotions. Choose from our impressive selection of course the one that suits you best!

Training Dates

Rock climbing discovery!

This half day of climbing will give you the opportunity to discover a fascinating universe! The goal is simple: climb and have fun to try this unusual sport! Between friends, with your love one or in family you will enjoy the tips from your instructor to help you to climb the cliff!

Prerequisite: none
Difficulty level: begginners
Duration: 3 ½ hours
Cost and availability: $63 + tx/adult (13 years old +) & $47 +tx/children (12 years old -)
*Minimum of 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 child. (We could combine participant in order to have the minimum required to confirm the activity)
Age minimum recommanded: 5 years old

**Please note that if your goal is to become a climber, we suggest booking a full day of rock climbing introduction or the multi-pitch climbing experience in order to learn all the basics to enjoy this sport (which are not included in the half day) and then continue your training.** 

Multi-Pitch Climbing Experience!

When we think of climbing, we imagine ourselves spending a whole day on high rocky mountain wall like in the movies! Then, why just limit yourself to top-rope?Attitude Montagne climbing center is currently the only company in Quebec that offers the following experience. We propose to leave for several hours directly on the wall to enjoy this sport at the maximum.

Requirements :Wanting to feel intense sensations!
Difficulty level: begginners (with good physical condition) to advanced
Duration : 1 day
Cost: $205 +tx
*Maximum of 2-3 clients per class

Rock Climbing Introduction

You always thought that climbing was an inaccessible extreme sport, that only the most reckless could practice it? Think again, Attitude Montagne will make you take your first steps into an exciting world. Thanks to this course you will learn how to master all the basics to enjoy this sport: knots, belaying, vocabulary, basic gestures and who knows, perhaps, a passion will grow!

Difficulty level : beginners
Duration : 1 day
Cost : $95 +tx

Rock Transition Top-Rope

You want more thrills or new challenges?  It is time to play outside. Learn how to install a top-rope, belay and how to get acquaintance with this new medium that is «the rock».

Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration : 2 days
Prerequisite: Introduction course or 5 indoor sessions
Cost : $205 +tx

Rock Transition Lead Climbing

You already practice lead climbing indoors and want to make transition to outdoor rock climbing, This course is a good mix of the Rock Transition Top Rope and Sport Lead Climbing courses. We will teach you all the techniques required to safely climb outdoors fully bolted sport routes.

Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisite: Indoor lead climbing, able to climb 5.9
Cost : $205 +tx

Sport Lead Climbing

You already top-rope climb outside?  This course is for you! You will learn the belay basics, lead climbing, how to make an anchor, how to manage, the basics of the forces involved and an introduction to self rescue. You will then be ready to tackle all your projects that you wish to realize as a lead climber.

Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisite:  outdoor top-rope climbing
Cost : $205 +tx

Multi-Pitch Climbing and self-rescue

This course is for climbers who followed the Outdoor Lead Transition or Sport Climbing Lead course, it’s also a good refresher for the trad climbing course. It will give you the knowledge needed to start climbing bolted multi-pitch routes. You will see belay station management, top-down belaying, self-rescue and multi-pitch rappels.

Pre-requisite: Sport Lead or Outdoor Lead Transition and 5 days of climbing outdoors.
Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 2 day
Cost: $205 +tx

Traditional Lead Climbing (self-rescue included)

 Traditional climbing is the basis of all: whether climbing a single length, to spend there several days, go in the high mountains, or simply engage yourself on a partial formed ice track. The laying of natural protections will offer you new opportunities: you will learn:

  • the protections installation
  • the relays creation
  • multi-pitch climbing and management
  • but also to trust the equipment
  • win over your fears

Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 4 days
Prerequisite: have minimum 15 days of outdoors lead climbing and be able to climb a 5.8
Cost: $405 +tx

Movement and commitment

The goal is the provided  the tools to increased the level of confidence and grade of your climbing in an outdoors environment with the help of small exercise that will be practiced during the day and apply to your climbing days in the futur.  The subject will be : optimization of your feet, Slab climbing, respiration, taking rest at the right spot, falling, etc.

Difficulty level: beginners to intermediate
Duration : 1 day
Prerequisite: outdoors lead climbing sport or trad
Price : $105 +tx

Aid Climbing

Aid climbing has long been the key of entry to the majority of the most difficult climbs in the world. Even today, we can find one or more insurmountable routes when one engages himself in a multi-pitch. You want to learn to master these techniques that will give you access to all these challenging routes? At Attitude Montagne, we will show you not only how to use the different pieces of equipment, the progression techniques, the hauling systems but also we will give you tips that will make all the difference between having a great adventure and living a nightmare.

Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisite: Traditional climbing or equivalent
Cost : contact us at (819) 714-0101

Big Wall

What’s more spectacular, when you wake-up, than being suspended 200 metres above the ground with a fabulous sunrise; to spend several days suspended on the wall carrying what serves you as a home! If you master the progression techniques of aid climbing and wish to push further, this course is for you! We will review the necessary equipment, the bivies, the use of portaledge, the planning and we will show how to DIY!

Difficulty level: advanced
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite: Aid climbing or equivalent


What’s more frightening than to imagine a buddy suspended on a rope, wounded and unable to do anything.  His survival depends on you! At Attitude Montagne, we believe that this is the most important course that a climber should follow. As the leader or the second, in order to successfully descend, learn the different rope manoeuvres when you must join your partner.

Difficulty level: intermediate
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisite : Tansition or equivalent
Cost : $105 +tx

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