initiation escalade de roche

Simon Harvey, Moniteur escalade

Simon Harvey, lire la fiche en français 

Climbing Instructor

«’Simon Harvey is crazy about climbing; be it on rock or ice nothing will stop him from reaching his goal. He is a big fan of the classic moderate routes of the Northeast, especially multi-pitch climbs in incredible surroundings. Simon has been climbing since 2006. He started in an indoor gym only to make the transfer to outdoors climbing after a few months. He prefers traditional climbing on multi-pitch rock climbs. A day spent with a friend making their way up a moderate route is for him much better than any intense bouldering session. From the moment he ropes up with his partner, organizes his gear and visualizes the route he enters the zone that so many climbers dream of. The feeling of freedom and the sensation of adventure from a long run-out on a slab or a technical section has no equal to him.»

Martin, friend and climber  (2011)


  • Top rope rock climbing instructor FQME
  • RCR C+ First Aid (16 hours), Red Cross, Cégep Bois-de-Boulogne
  • National Program of Trainer Certification


Even though Simon’s passion for climbing was born only a few years ago he has been making fast progress. For him climbing has become a lifestyle! He is fascinated by anything related to this domain. The security and the techniques are his priorities when he is teaching.