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How to make the right choice among the multitude of companies in this industry? Who assures you that your guide is a real certified guide? See what differentiates Attitude Montagne from the others!

Our History

For years, Attitude Montagne has sprouted in the mind of its founder, Dominic Asselin.  Very passionate of mountains and climbing, he dreamed to share his experience with others, but most importantly, to provide a solid experience on land and also with recognized guides of high level training which lacks in this industry. Therefore, after several years of work, of involvement, of climbing but mostly out of passion, he decided himself to create Attititude Montagne.

 Interview with Dominic Asselin on Attitude Montagne from Attitude Montagne on Vimeo.

«The mountains live only by the love of men. Where housing, then trees, and then when the grass exhaust, the barren, wild, mineral kingdome born; However, in it’s extreme poverty, in it’s total nudity, it provides a priceless wealth: Happiness discovered in the eyes of those attending.» «Gaston Rébuffat»

Our Name

A company’s name carries a message. Therefore there is a reason for our choice.

Fisrt, for us Attitude is a word game with «altitude» which is the ultimate goal that each climber wants to achieve. Even when they climb a wall, they aim the highest peaks.

Attitude is also our approach to be, to live with the mountain and people, which is respect and gratitude to what they teach us.

The word mountain, represents going beyond our limits, conquer our fears and achievement of our objectives. It is also what fuels our dreams and gives us the strength to push ourselves further. For us it is the most beautiful thing that exists.

The Logo

We chose the mountain goat to represent the nickname given to its founder, Dominic Asselin.  Furthermore, this animal is without any doubt an expert in vertical terrain! Considered as the most adapted to the mountain environment, it is not uncommon to see it walk on a cliff and wonder how come it doesn’t fall!

Highest Standards of Training on an International Level

We are the only company in Quebec with guides pursuing trainings in the AMGA ** to become mountain guides.  We believe that an instructor or a guide must be professionally trained. Therefore, we make sure that our guides, in addition to having an outstanding field experience, follow many trainings working with national and international recognized organizations. Too often, it is people who love to travel who are sent to a group and not the qualified ones.  At Attitude Montagne, guides must demonstrate a strong human sensibility while being very good technicians, to give you peace of mind and enjoy your experience at the maximum. See section partners for definition of the AMGA and the IFMGA.

Ten Reasons to Climb with an AMGA Certified Guide

  1. Training – AMGA certified Guides undergo training and is the most intense review of the profession. Certification by the AMGA indicates that the person has been assessed at the standard of an internationally recognized professional organization.
  2. Professionalism – are leaders in the mountain and climbing industry. These guides and organization are dedicated to excellence and to the most professional conduct of their activities.
  3. Experience – Many AMGA certified guides were submerged in the field of mountain for more than a decade guide. They have an intimate knowledge of the areas in which they guide.
  4. Quality – The AMGA certified guides undergo their training with two key factors in mind: become the best possible mountain guide and offer the most extraordinary experience to their clients.
  5. Security – The AMGA certified guides make safety their primary concern. They are trained to recognize objective hazards such as the danger of avalanche, the potential stone falls and bad weather. In addition, the AMGA certified guides are trained and evaluated in rescue.
  6. Particular Attention – AMGA certified guides are devoted to the experience and comfort of their clients. Their priority is to make their participants more qualified and fill their desire to reach the summit.
  7. Complete training – AMGA certifies guides in the alpine, climbing and ski mountaineering area. Regardless of the terrain or of the difficulty, there is an AMGA certifies guide that can guide you
  8. Training – AMGA certified guides are some of the best educators in the field. They work to understand the style of the client and then adapt their instruction to provide a personal experience and the opportunity to excell.
  9. Value – AMGA certifies guides values include how the importance of their client’s mountain experiences. These guides strive to build personal relationships and provide great adventures that create positive life memories.
  10. Environmental awareness – AMGA certifies guides understand how the mountain’s ecosystem fragility. The mountains exploration with an AMGA guide will highlight the skills to leave the mountains in good condition for future generations.

Guides Who Know the Environment

First and foremost, our guides are practitioners and passionate of their sport. They know the environment and surrounding around them because they form an integral part of it. They opened several routes and participated in the development of climbing sites as well as the Quebec Federation of mountain and climbing. For our team, the mountain is something more than just a simple activity, it is a lifestyle. Therefore do not be surprised to cross a guide at the base of a wall or on a trail.

The Approach «Leave no Trace»

At Attitude Montagne we greatly believe in the importance of the protection of our environment and our play area. The more conscious and careful people will be when using these spaces, more magical the places will be. That is why all of our guides have a «leave no trace» training and will share this knowledge with all groups.

The 7 Principles of« Leave no Trace»

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimize Camp Fire Impacts
  • Respect Wild Life
  • Be Considerate of Other Visitors