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Videos of our activities, interviews and mountaineering trips


Vidéo of our Travel

This is a little video from our reconnaissance trip on the Haute Route between Chamonix and Zermatt.

Join us on this expedition to the summit of Mont Iberville, the first time the local Inuits touch the summit.

Experience an expedition to Aconcagua Attitude Montagne’s guides.

Vidéo talking about Attitude Montagne

Dominic Asselin Dominic Asselin presents the Climbing Center  centre d’escalade and our climbing and mountaineering activities.

A report about our activities customer’s testimonials.

A resume on the creation of the company thanks notably to the CLD

The legislation explained and applied to our company in particular in regards to our certifications.

Vidéo on Ice Climbing and our ice climbing tower

The team from La Presse+ have done an interview with Dominic Asselin about his passion for ice climbing

The team of Les testeurs from Vrak TV are trying ice climbing on the tower

Dominic Asselin is guiding a journalist on Shawbridge climbing site

About the Quebec Ice Climbing Cup. escalade de glace

 tour d’escalade mobile

Vidéo on our climbing summer camp