Youth Group Activities

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Attitude Montagne is proud to offer a range of activities for youth groups!

Original and Memorable Activities!

The proposed activities allow young people to have an unforgettable experience while pushing their limits, which will give them a sense of instant accomplishment and success.

Ideal for all age groups! For a few hours, or even for several days of activities!

Looking for an activity for your primary or secondary school, cadet or scout group, day camp or youth organization? We will offer you the perfect experience to suit your needs. In addition to the activities we offer access to:

  • Hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking and cross country ski trails
  • Lake with a beach (paddle boat and canoe rentals)
  • Ice skating on the lake in winter
  • Ski package with Ski Chantecler
  • Wilderness camping and survival course
  • Climbing camp
  • Outdoor cooking class

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Get outdoors to conquer the wall! The group will learn the basics of rock climbing with our certified and passionate team. Developing trust, motivation and surpassing oneself are on the program.

  • Duration : full day
  • Rate: $415.00 per instructor
    A maximum of 20 participants per instructor is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 5 years

Introduction to Ice Climbing

In a safe environment, this introduction to ice climbing will help you master the basics of ice climbing, communication between participants and climbing on an artificial ice tower. Here is the opportunity to experience a winter activity like no other.

  • Duration : full day
  • Rate: $475.00 per instructor
    A maximum of 15 participants per instructor is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 10 years


Determination and surpassing oneself will be put to the test when at the top of the cliff you realize that now is the time to descent!

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Rate: $330.00 per instructor
    A maximum of 20-25 participants per instructor is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 8 years

GPS Scavenger Hunt

Go explore the Laurentian forests with the help of a GPS receiver! Answer the questions and find the control points to progress on the course.

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Rate: $330.00 per group
    A maximum of 8 teams per group
    Recommended minimum age: 8 years


The slackline is a complimentary activity to climbing improving the balance of body and spirit. You will be walking across the slackline which is 2 inches wide and a foot off the ground.

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Rate: $330.00 per group
    A maximum of 25 participants per group is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 8 years

Avalanche Search Scenario

In small teams the participants will have to combine their efforts to complete a simulated avalanche rescue in a limited time. An experience that will make you think about the forces of Nature.

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Rate: $330.00 per group
    A maximum of 4 teams per group
    Recommended minimum age: 10 years

Build a Quinzee

By putting all their efforts together, taking turns and helping each other, the team will have the chance to work together on building a real quinzee. To add to the experience why not spend the night there?

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Rate: $330.00 per group
    A maximum of 25 participants per group is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 8 years

Mountain and Forest Navigation

While having fun, this introduction to navigation will teach you to find your position on earth and become familiar with the principles of navigation with map, compass and GPS.

  • Duration : 3 hours
  • Rate: $330.00 per group
    A maximum of 20-25 participants per group is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 10 years


Camping in summer or winter, this will be a memorable experience. Supervised by instructors experienced in all conditions, the group will learn to understand the techniques to use to enjoy their night in a tent or a quinzee summer or winter!

  • Duration : one night
  • Rate: $415.00 per group
    A maximum of 20-25 participants per group is recommended
    Recommended minimum age: 10 years


*The duration of a full day is 6-8 hours – Half day packages available on weekdays only.


Multi-activity Packages

To meet the specific needs of your group we will create custom packages. Pair several activities; let us know your goals and we will offer you a trip to suit your needs! Our location is ideal for accommodating groups of cadets and scouts for a weekend of activities! Camping, campfire, group kitchen and outdoor activities. We can offer a turnkey service!


Special Events and Fundraising
Portable Climbing Wall

Planning a big event and want to offer an activity out of the ordinary? Looking for an original fundraising idea? The portable climbing wall will certainly become the benchmark of your day! Installation is quick and can be done on any flat surface in a schoolyard, park, or elsewhere!

For more information see: Portable Climbing Wall Rental


Climbing Summer Camp

A week filled with excitement on the menu where young people can develop their skills regardless of their level of climbing experience. Day camp, camp for beginner or advanced, with or without accommodation!

For more information see: Climbing Summer Camp


Logo Hôtel Chanteclerc partenaire centre escalade   Packages including accommodation, rental of conference rooms, meals and snacks are available in partnership with the Hotel Le Chantecler. Contact us for more details!


Rates do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice. Ability to combine multiple activities or create custom packages – rates available on request. Half-day rates available weekdays only. Travel expenses will apply for certain activities. All activities take place rain or shine unless otherwise stated by us. Group transport not included. Access fees to certain climbing sites may apply.



ATTITUDE MONTAGNE allows practicing mountain sports in a safe environment suitable for each participant’s level. In addition, we have developed a site specifically for group introductory courses. At Attitude Montagne, the training of our instructors and guides is very important. Our activities are offered starting at the age of 5 years for rock climbing and 8 years for other activities such as ice climbing and mountaineering courses.


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